Sunday, April 6, 2014

India Fashion Week

Last week was India Fashion Week. A few friends and I went and had an awesome time. It was pretty neat to go around, chat with some of the designers and look at their newest creations. We didn’t buy anything because the prices were, well, designer prices but it was still fantastic to browse through the gorgeous clothes.


We had invitations for one of the fashion shows, which featured two Indian designers – Anupama Dayal and Vineet Bahl. The space was kinda dark and flash photography was not allowed but I did manage to take a few half-way decent pictures without flash:




The fashion show was fascinating and I could have sat there for hours but it was over before I knew it.

My friends and I milled around the fair grounds for a while, hung out at one of the cafes and watched designers, models, buyers, photographers and design students parade back and forth.

It was a lovely way to mix things up and see/do something different with friends.

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