Saturday, April 24, 2010

And the Swiders are going to...

... stay in DC for a year.

Anticlimactic, I know, at least as far as Flag Day stories go but we are thrilled with the outcome. I will give you the play by play in a separate post complete with pictures on Monday because right now we are in Chicago celebrating Paul's parents' 60th wedding anniversary and his Mom's birthday.

So, stay tuned...


  1. congrats! can't wait to hear the details. I'm sure it must be a bit anticlimactic after dreaming of far away places but it's great that you are thrilled!

  2. oh, by the way, are all the DC posts 1 year posts? What will his job be?

  3. So glad you got a post you're excited about! =)

  4. Congrats! Happy to read that you are happy with the post. Look forward to more...

  5. It's an awesome post! Good luck with the housing search.

  6. Thanks, everyone! Bfiles, as far as I know all DC posts are one year. All 8 that we had on our bid list were a year.


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