Friday, August 27, 2010

Project Hummingbird

Nia got a hummingbird feeder last weekend. Paul’s brother Ray and his wife Mary have one up at their vacation home in Deep Creek Lake, MD and it attracts quite a few hummingbirds. We were there again this past weekend for a family reunion and Nia was captivated by the tiny birds. Mary, who is an absolute sweetheart, had an extra feeder and gave it to Nia.

Nia and I did some research online and found a recipe for the nectar. It’s really just 4 parts water to 1 part sugar but it needs to be boiled (and cooled) before putting in the feeder to make sure there are no contaminants because that could harm the hummingbirds. They also suggest changing the nectar and cleaning the feeder weekly for the same reason.

Anyway, we put the nectar in the feeder and hung it in the tree by our dining room window this past Tuesday. I didn’t expect we’d attract hummingbirds because the area is very shady but sure enough today we spotted one. We were all glued to the window watching the little bird come and go for quite a while. It was awesome! Nia was totally delighted!

I tried to snap a few pictures but it was quite tricky with the bird being so small and my camera really not up to the task. The pictures don’t do it justice but here are a couple anyway.

IMG_8286 IMG_8292 IMG_8300


  1. We have 4 that fight over the one feeder we have. All I do is mix 1/2 cup sugar in 1 cup water. They seem to like it.....maybe I'm putting too much sugar because they fight a lot over the feeder.

  2. My girls love hummingbird feeders. Unfortunately I was never able to snap a picture like these. Awesome!


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