Monday, September 6, 2010

Hell of a Burger

We went to Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington yesterday. That’s one of President Obama’s favorite burger joints and also where he took Medvedev earlier this summer (photo below courtesy of

The verdict: the burgers are big and juicy and really tasty but the place is small and crowded. It’s a hassle to find parking, the line is long and getting a table is no picnic. It’s a cash-only type of establishment but if you don’t happen to have cash on you, there’s an ATM conveniently located in the restaurant itself, which we had to use because we didn’t have enough cash.

If you  like burgers, you are going to enjoy Ray’s, so I’d say go ahead and try them, if you have a chance. Paul thinks the burgers at Five Guys are just as good but almost half the price and hassle-free. I thought Ray’s were better.

In any case, it was an interesting experience (pictures below) and we are glad we got to try them. Next, we need to try Ben’s Chilly Bowl, where the President took the Sarkozys.

The line, which often goes out the door.IMG_8357

Paul placing our order with the kitchen, where the magic happens, in the background.  IMG_8358

Her Cuteness and her burger, which, with the bun, was almost as big as her head. She likes her burgers plain – all she adds is cheese.IMG_8364


  1. Mmm, we were just introduced to Ray's in July and love it! We have only been to Ray's, Too, though, as seating is easier. I look at 5 Guys as more of fast-food/lunchy, whereas Ray's Hell is like a fancier burger...and Elevation Burger (organic & yummy) is somewhere in between...oh and "Too" takes credit/debit cards...

  2. We didn't try Ray's Too but maybe we'll go there next time, if seating is easier. We like Elevation Burger too. I also recently heard of another organic burger place on Capitol Hill called Good Stuff Eatery ( that we want to try. They have burgers, fries, salads and shakes - all supposed to be really good. I will review it after we try it.

  3. I agree with Paul. It's a good burger, but the best out there? Nah.


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