Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Snow

We got snow in Northern Virginia today and Her Cuteness is in heaven. This is only the second time our Florida born child has EVER seen snow. We were in Chicago for Christmas last year and it snowed but it was  just a little more than a dusting.  Then last January we watched the news reports about the big snow storm here in D.C. a.k.a. “snowmageddon” and she so wanted to be here to play in the snow. As soon as we moved to the D. C. area, Nia asked me to promise her that we’ll have enough snow this winter to make a snowman, a snow fort and  snow angels.

And today her wish came true! The snow beautiful and powdery and the kids had a blast playing in it.

If we are lucky, we may get a white Christmas – how awesome would that be!



  1. It's Friday and that means the weekly Blog Round-Up is here, and you're on it:

    If you'd like me to remove the link, let me know.

  2. Beautiful photos! She does look happy with all that lovely whiteness! :)


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