Sunday, May 15, 2011


My son is exclusively breast fed, so it’s no surprise that he is quite fond of my boobs. They feed him after all.

But at a recent family gathering I caught him doing this:


That’s right, folks, he was cheating on the boobs that feed him with, you guessed it, younger, prettier ones.

At least he kept it in the family, for the object of his affection was none other than his cousin. At her bridal shower no less!

When her husband-to-be got wind of the young groper, he just said: “It’s those little ones you have to watch out for. They look so innocent but the moment you turn your head, they go straight the kill!”

In other boobman news, I am thrilled to share that he seems to be growing out of his colic, slowly but surely. He doesn’t strain and cry as much as he used to and we get a few hours of smiles and coos every day, which is utterly delightful. He also seems to have kicked the jaundice in the butt and is growing like a weed. He was 15 lb the day he turned 3 months. Not too shabby considering that he came 5 weeks early!


  1. Hello, so sorry for this to be off topic, but I couldn't find an email address for you. I was looking for a recipe for palachinki and your post came up. I couldn't help but notice a tea cup on the stove in one of the photos. I have a friend that has the very same and I love it so much. The funny thing is that she (and I) live in Oklahoma city, quite a ways away from Bulgaria. I was just wondering where yours came from? Anyway, I hope you and your family have a lovely day. :)


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