Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Guess who kicked some serious butt in school this year?

Photo courtesy of the one and only Janel Norton

Her cuteness Nia, that’s who!

It wasn’t easy but she did it. That’s the kid, who was moved from first to second grade in the middle of the year only to land in the class of a teacher who didn’t think she belonged there. The teacher wanted Nia put back into first grade. I agonized over what to do and shared my thoughts here, here and here.

We had a rough few months but I am thrilled to report that Nia was able to learn the material she had missed and successfully closed the three-month knowledge gap.

But wait, there’s more – not only was she assigned to third grade at the end of the school year but she was placed in the gifted program for third grade as well! That we did not expect. When we got the forms about the gifted program a couple of months ago, we said that we didn’t think she would qualify because she was moved up and had to focus on learning the material she missed. But the gifted committee tested her and determined that she belongs in the program, despite what her teacher said.

We knew you could do it all along, sweet Nia! You proved you are one smart cookie and we are so very proud of you!!!


  1. Way to go!!!! So proud of you for standing firm on your beliefs and encouraging Nia! I love that pic :)

  2. That is AWESOME!! I LOVE when parents totally believe, understand, AND support their kids abilities. You knew what Nia needed. You stood up for her, even when other people didn't think she could handle it.

    And in the end you got to scream, "I told you so!" Fantastic!


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