Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Here’s hoping that your Halloween was a thriller and that your pumpkins are overflowing with good candy!

Our last Halloween in the US for a while was splendid, though a bit chilly. This was the first time I’ve seen snow on Halloween and let me tell you: I am not a fan. I liked our Florida Halloweens better. In Florida, you can go Trick or Treating in your flip-flops and you can do it all night long, if you want to (not so easy with wee ones) without dying of exposure. There, you can be a princess or a fairy without having to put on a turtleneck underneath your fancy spaghetti strap costume (which looks oh, so stylish) or donning your fairy wings on top of your pink parka (which is harder than it sounds). Oh, Florida, I didn’t think I’d say this but I guess I do miss you, after all.

Aaaaah, those days are gone but I am hoping that Trick or Treating in India will be kinda like in Florida. A girl can dream, right?

So, yeah, our Halloween was fine, despite the cold. We went to a couple of parties, we carved a pumpkin and Her Cuteness got to go Trick or Treating old-style (door-to-door) in our neighborhood. Nia was supposed to be the Little Mermaid. She’s had the costume for a while but had a change of heart because she decided in the last moment that “Princesses are so baby-ish!” and I had to whip up another costume in a couple of hours. Fun times! She was a flamingo*, a little improvised but hey, I’ve seen worse.

Max had a little 6-9 month-sized alligator* costume. He is not quite 9 months old yet but the hunky babe that he is, he was busting out of it a few weeks ago, so I had to look for something larger. I found just the thing  at a yard sale - a cute little Dalmatian outfit for $1. It’s perfect - made of fleece, so it’s nice and warm on his cute little bum-bum. Plus, it’s for up to 24 months, so he just might be able to wear it next year.

Anywhoooo, without further ado, here are some pictures of the festivities for your enjoyment:


*We accidentally ended up with a Florida theme of sorts – I guess that’s our tribute to our former home state.


  1. She did an awesome flamingo, especially in just a few hours - amazing creativity!! Glad you had a warm costume for the little guy. Besides dalmatians are adorable!

  2. Sounds like little Max is growing like my son did... one day he's wearing a new outfit, but wait a couple days and I'd try to put it on him again... no way! ;D Well, Max made an adorable gator AND dalmation! And I love Nia's flamingo! I don't think I've ever seen a flamingo costume before! What a very original and fun costume idea :) !!

  3. nice flamingo! That was our Halloween costume too! I was really wishing I had a feather boa like that... well done!

  4. The flamingo is amazing and the dalmation is darling.

  5. Love the FL theme! The kids look adorable :) Isn't Halloween in the NE just fantastic, though. There's something about the crisp weather that really makes it a holiday :) Tim & I were commenting on how last year we walked around the neighborhood in shorts and flip flops, and this year we wore hats and gloves!

  6. We have Halloween in India! Depending on where you live will dictate what EXACTLY it's like, but my kiddos got a full bag after knocking on doors, just like "back home" --- it was just warm and our group were the only ones :0 ha!


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