Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Drama Queen Birthday

Yesterday was Her Cuteness’s 8th birthday. We had a theater inspired party for her and her best friends at Creative Cauldron in Falls Church. The focus was a hands-on acting workshop lead by the wonderful Laura, a teaching artist, who was terrific at getting the kids excited and keeping them engaged in each activity.

The party started with creative introductions. Each kid picked a movement that represents their personality, which they used to introduce themselves to the group. Everyone then acted out not just their introduction movement but everyone else’s too – an excellent ice-breaker.


Then there were a series of Charades-like activities in which the children were separated in teams of six and would act out something as a group for the other team to guess.


The last activity involved a imaginary chest full of magical gifts. Each child got to pick a gift from the magic chest for Nia’s birthday and give it to her. This was my personal favorite because the kids were not allowed to use their voices. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of kids playing quietly like that. It was awesome:

Gifts for the birthday girl from an imaginary magic chest

Laura surprised me by inviting me to participate in the activity, which was tricky because I was filming at the same time but I managed somehow.

We closed the party with birthday cake and other treats. I had made rainbow colored cupcakes the night before and had them all in my new fancy double-decker cupcake carrier. Everything was honky dory until the handle broke and the cupcakes turned into a mangled frosted mess but we ate them anyway because the mess was contained in the carrier. Everyone had a great time and I’m pretty sure Nia is going back to Creative Cauldron  for more acting workshops/camps.


IMG_1555  IMG_1534

This was probably the best kid birthday party we’ve attended and we highly recommend Creative Cauldron if you need something different for your 4-14 year old.


  1. happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  2. So adorable! Looks like it was a very successful party (love the rainbow cake!). We had only been here for about a month when J had her birthday, so we just made it an A-100 event, lol, but I will keep that venue in mind for future parties! Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving :)

  3. That looks like fun! And I'm sure the cupcakes were delicious.


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