Monday, July 30, 2012

Shoe Fetish

Chutney likes shoes. He likes any shoes really but there’s a special place in his heart for Mommy’s shoes. Black and silver are his favorite colors but pink is right up there too. What can I say, the boy’s got taste!

He can wear two shoes at the same time and they may even be the same color but they can’t be a matching pair because that’s just too… well, matchy-matchy and boring. And that’s not his style - he likes to mix it up a bit…


More often though, he wears just one shoe, sometimes over his own:


Pink’s nice too:


What do you mean wrong foot? Nah, you’re looking at it wrong…


In Bulgaria, he took his shoe fetish to a whole new level – he tried high heels (black of course)…


… and wearing silver shoes in the nude… but it’s OK because Bulgaria’s in Europe and Europeans always run around nekkid, nekkid nekkid, right?


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  1. So cute! What is it with kids that age and shoes? My boys did the same thing. One of my favorite pictures is one of the boys trying on Dad's cowboy boots, the tops came all the way up to his hips. Adorable.


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