Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flash Mob At Embassy New Delhi

A few days ago the Ambassador was supposed to make remarks at the Embassy about violence against women. The topic is important to the Ambassador and to all of us around the world but especially here in India and now when there’s a lot of debate in the country about women’s rights and laws to end violence against women.

A friend of ours, who works at the political section had this idea to put together a flash mob dance inspired by many others organized around the world in support of a campaign called One Billion Rising. Another colleague put together the steps and the two of them recorded a short video with instructions on when and where to gather and showing us the steps. There was a secret practice session a couple days before the Ambassador’s remarks and at the designated time, right before the Ambassador made spoke, a bunch of us, dressed in pink and red, marched in front of her and started dancing to Respect by Aretha Franklin. The Ambassador was pleasantly surprised. You can see her in the first picture behind the dancers to the left dressed in black. The Deputy Chief of Mission is dancing with us. He’s to the right in the front row in the white shirt and grey pants.

Here’s hoping that in a small way our dance and all the others performed all over the world will help elevate the cause and end violence against women.

flash mob2

flash mob

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