Friday, March 29, 2013

Mumbai Part II

More pictures from Mumbai – come join us on a small tour.

At the Gateway of India (not to be confused with India Gate, which is in Delhi)


Boats at The Gateway of India


The Taj Palace Hotel - we did not stay there – it’s very fancy and expensive!


Ornately inlaid flooring at the lobby of the Taj Palace Hotel


Downtown South Mumbai – the car in the foreground is an Ambassador, still widely used as a cab, government and private vehicle.


A beautifully decorated Parsee (Zoroastrian) residential building


A young tightrope walker – she was tiny, maybe 4 years old and was already earning a living by entertaining crowds in South Mumbai, while her mom accompanied her on the drum. We didn’t finish our lunch, so we shared some chicken biryani with them, which they welcomed.


The Antilia (this is actually just part of it – couldn’t get the whole building), allegedly the most expensive home in the world. It belongs to Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, one of the largest Indian companies. It is 27 stories high and is maintained by a full-time staff of 600 people.


Drying fish and shrimp on the beach at Juhu – the smell was overpowering.


A couple of beautiful churches in Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai



If I were to live in Mumbai, I’d live in this building in Bandra, which is next door to Shah Rukh Khan’s house…

If I were to live in Mumbai, this is the building where I'd like to live...

… and this would be my view.


Beautiful, no – I love that rocky beach. There is a Bollywood walk of fame there, where the biggest Bollywood stars have left their hand prints.



Next on our list was a visit to a sound studio where we saw how sound is mixed and sound effects, voices and music added to movies and commercials. We also got to play voice talents and had a chance to record our voices over some real stars’ in a TV commercial.


Max didn’t care about the whole voice recording business but he loves fish and the aquarium in the studio scored major points with him. 


Our last stop was S.J. Studios, a Bollywood studio where we saw several sets – an office, a jail, a police commissioner’s office and a hospital.



We got to watch the filming of a soap opera episode in the hospital and then saw one of the stars outside, who was gracious enough to take a picture with us. We didn’t get the name of the soap opera but our guide said that the actor’s name is Arjun.


Then the kids got to run around and goof off at the police station, jail and commissioner’s office:

Locked up abroad


Making an entrance


Daddy’s the head of the Maharashtra Police


Our fun-filled adventure ended on a high note at an Asian buffet, where we ate too much and got chased by Chinese dragons.



  1. Our family has just recently moved to Hyderabad. Seeing these posts makes me so excited to explore more of India... once it cools down a little.

    1. That's interesting, Nadia - I was just in Hyderabad for TDY and will write about site seeing there very soon. We liked Hyderabad a lot.

  2. Great post on Mumbai! We live in Mumbai, but I never knew that there was a Bollywood walk of fame along the beach and I have never heard of S.J. Studios. How fun!!! I'll have to take my family there.


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