Thursday, September 12, 2013


It seems just yesterday we were concerned about Max not talking and all of a sudden he’s become quite the chatterbox. He is talking all the time these days. I thought I’d share some of the cute/funny things he says here:

(early in the morning) Wake up, Mommy! Wake up, Daddy! Wake up, Nia! Wake up, Me!

(while putting on on my sunglasses) I (am) going to work. Bye-bye! Have fun!

(in an airplane, right after landing) Thank you, airplane!

Me (imitating one of his favorite bedtime stories while tucking him in): It’s time to sleep, little Max, little Max!

Max: It’s time to sleep little Mommy, little Mommy!

(to his Nanny after I put him in timeout): Geetanjali, I (am) stuck!

He has a hard time with L and R sounds, so he says:

I yuv you (I love you).

Yook (Look).

I yunning. (I am running).

Yaining (raining or lion – those two sound almost the same).

Sometimes he also confuses the A and I sounds, so he says happo, instead of hippo and pallow, instead of pillow.

He is learning his numbers but selectively. Some numbers are just not worth his while at this point, so he skips them and counts like this: one, two, five, ten, oneteen,twoteen, threeteen, fiveteen, nineteen...

He likes to add a T sound after an F, as in “I can do it myselfT!” or “Turn it offT!” and “I wanna take a bafT (bath)!”

For the longest time he couldn’t quite say his name, so he called himself Mice but just a week ago he figured out his first name. The last one is still a challenge though, so right now he is Max Fighter.

Max Collage

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