Sunday, February 23, 2014

Birthday Boys

There was a lot of excitement in our family last week.

First my father turned 70 and then Max turned three. We celebrated both with a favorite in our house – rainbow cupcakes:


Here’s my father making a wish and Max helping him blow the candle


followed by high-fives. Max had so much fun blowing the candle that he did it several times.


This birthday is a really big deal for my Dad, not only because it’s a round number and because we got to celebrate together in India but also because he had a couple very serious bouts of cancer in the last decade and we weren’t sure if he would make it. The last decade has been very, very difficult for my Dad. We are all thrilled that he beat cancer and the radiation and chemo therapies that followed and is doing well today. We are excited he and my Mom were able to make this trip to India to see us and get to know India a little bit. Happy, happy birthday, Dyado (grandpa)!!!

Max’s birthday started out a little rough. He may have shed a few tears because turning three is no joke after all. But things got better when we took cupcakes for him to celebrate his birthday with his friends at school.
Max Birthday Party

Max is a happy and energetic little boy. He loves his big sister and they get along most of the time.
His diet is still 99% this strawberry lassi drink:

 He drinks so much of it that we have to place special orders for his stuff at the store as he consumes 5-6 of those a day. I dilute it 50/50 with water because he doesn’t drink water otherwise. I am pretty sure he is Mother Dairy’s (the manufacturer’s) best customer and I know they will feel their demand drop when we leave India.

Pretty much the only other thing he ever eats is pop corn but he does so with gusto:

Max popcorn-MOTION 
He loves, loves, loves cars. His absolute favorite is Lightning McQueen. He also loves playing with his wooden train set, building with blocks and drawing. He has a little wooden bike with no pedals and he has gotten really good about riding it around the compound. He is very quick on it but is also very careful, watching for cars and making sure he is safe.

He has a few friends on the compound and loves hanging out with them, especially in the hammock:

Max and friends in a hammock-MOTION
Happy birthday, sweet Max!!!

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