Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sofia Fashion Week

I went to the last night of Sofia Fashion Week on Friday with some colleagues and spouses from the Embassy and it was fun. This was my first fashion week in Sofia, so I was excited. The last time I did something similar was in India, so it was about time. It was held at a hotel close to my office but even though I had tickets for all the evenings, I was so busy at work and so tired, that I only went on the last night, which was a bummer. Colleagues who had seen the previous fashion weeks said this one was shorter. We also had to stand while you got to sit at prior ones. I wore heels, so standing was not ideal but I still had a good time because the show was beautiful and I got to see some cool designs.  Esil Duran’s red dress collection was my favorite. Tickets are available and the base ones not very expensive (about $15 ), so I look forward to going again. Here are some pictures:






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