Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not Foreign Service Material… Yet…

So, I got my FSOT results today and this is what they looked like:


Well, not really but I did not pass the test.

Was I surprised? Not really.

Was I bummed out? Yeah, a little. It would have been nice to pass it but to be honest, I didn’t really feel like I knew everything. That and I didn’t finish the bio section.

Sooooo, I get to do it all over again in a year. I wish I didn’t have to wait a whole year but oh, well…

I already requested my scores for each section, just to see how epic my failure was. In case you were wondering, you just get a pass/fail letter (via email), no actual scores. If you want to know your scores for each section, you can request them, by fax. Fax???!!! Who uses faxes these days? Why not carrier pigeons?

So, the plan is to figure out where I fell short and work on those areas until my brain implodes or I know everything I need to know to pass the test, whichever comes first. That’s the plan, anyhow. Easy, breezy, beautiful, right?  Wait, that’s CoverGirl… oh, whatever! You know what I mean…

Meanwhile, I was sorting papers around the apartment today when I came across this:

Daddy bday 026

I am not sure where it came from or who the author is but it was just the right thing under the circumstances and it made my day, so I thought I’d share it.


  1. Oh my goodness...

    Oh I am SO sorry.

    My heart just aches for you.

    Can I just say that your attitude is incredible to me? I would want to set fire to my study guides or something. You're amazing.

    And yes, that Epic Fail sign is about the funniest thing EVER. But still... so very sorry. :(

  2. I'm so sorry. You are NOT a giver-upper though. And that is awesome.

    When you do get through, you'll kick butt. And you'll have the language bump. :-)

    I love the world religions guide, especially the rasta and catholic, oh, I love them all. Too funny.

  3. Darn. I'm so sorry Daniela. You are the 3rd person I know who did not pass. The test is definitely not easy. In fact, one of the people I know actually passed the OA with me and was taking it to increase her rank on the register. So, don't be discouraged. It sounds like you are not and will keep trying, which is great.

  4. That blows. I'm sorry to hear about the setback.

  5. Thank you for being there for me, ladies!!! What would I ever do without you?!

  6. Sorry to hear about that, but glad that you will be trying again next year..that's the FS spirit!


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