Friday, June 25, 2010

Pop Topping It

I have a minor pop top purse obsession. It started almost two years ago when I laid my eyes on these awesome bags by Escama. I had never heard of them but it was love at first sight. I just had to have one (or several). But because I am cheap thrifty, I couldn’t possibly spend $200 for a purse. So, I reverse-engineered it instead. I’m crafty like that. It took a while though as I am not a crocheter and after scouring the internet for weeks I figured out that these beauties were crocheted. It took even longer to collect enough pop tops to make a purse but many of my family, friends and colleagues pitched in and drank a lot of beer soda in order to help my effort. My first pop top purse was finally ready this past March. It’s a tote really (12x15 inches) and it took about 2000 pop-tops and 9 months of heavy drinking and reverse engineering to make . Here it is:

 first purse first purse detail 

I love that purse. I wore it non-stop for five months, however, due to a crucial production error, the purse started disintegrating. In deciding what thread to use for it, I had picked cotton because it’s natural but that turned out to be a bad idea as the cotton thread couldn’t stand up to the intense wear and tear I subjected that purse to, especially around the edges and the handles. So the tote will need to be redone but I learned my lesson – use synthetic thread!

As I was still working on the first purse I realized that, while I love large totes, they are just too big for some occasions. So, I started thinking about a smaller purse that would fit just my wallet, phone, point-and-shoot camera and keys. After the first purse was done, I continued collecting pop tops and soon I had enough. I was itching to make it but had to wait for the two moves and the FSOT to pass. Which brings us to last week when I finally sat down and made pop top purse #2.  It took about 1300 pop-tops to make. It measures 7x9 inches and still needs to be lined but that’s not preventing me from using it. And, yes, I did use synthetic thread for this one.

baseball and purse 008baseball and purse 015baseball and purse 016


  1. Holy cow. You MADE that?!?!!

    You are incredible. I could never make anything like that. Let alone twice. I don't have the patience. Or the talent. I am in awe.

  2. That is amazing!!! So cool.

    I was looking for an email address on your blog somewhere, but couldn't find one - I wanted to think you for your thoughtful post on my blog a while back, regarding art and selling it and my existential angst. I really appreciate it. I think you have a future in pop-top bag selling. Keep drinking up!

  3. That is too cool! I am so embarrassed about my lack of I will just ooh and ah over your bag!

  4. I knew that Bulgarian girls are talented, no to mi skri shapkata;). It looks so fancy and glittery. Is it heavy to wear? Are you going to teach Nia the trade?

  5. that is amazing!!! can't believe you made that!

  6. OK that is too cool! I want directions! I need one of those.

  7. Glad you gals like it.

    Shannon, I'll try to put together a tutorial for you.

  8. That purse is SWEET! Great job, I am very impressed!!

  9. Wow, look at that tote! Too cool. . .


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