Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Project Downsizing

This project actually started in February when my husband got the Foreign Service offer. We sold and gave away (mostly gave away, really) a lot of our furniture and household stuff before the move. Then when we moved to DC our stuff was in long-term storage for a couple of months but when Paul got his DC assignment we had to take all of our stuff out of storage and try to fit it into our apartment. Since the apartment is smaller than our house, there was just no way to fit everything, so we found ourselves making donation piles again. We would have loved to get a little bit of cash for it but we donated most things to Goodwill and similar charitable organizations, so it will go to people who need it more than we do and we will get the tax write off.

And since we weren’t using our second car after moving to DC, we sold that too. We ended up taking it to Carmax and were able to get  Kelly Blue Book value for it, so we were cool with that. It had been a good car to us but there was no point letting it just sit in the parking lot.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the stuff we said goodbye to in the last few months. Note the bright green dresser. Several women fought for that thing. Ditto for our chest freezer and a couple other things. Those craigslist people are hardcore, especially when you are giving things away! You don’t want to be between them and the object of their desire because things can get ugly!

2010-03-09 Pictures

Next up… our house in FL…, which has been kinda problematic, so wish us luck with it!

FL 007


  1. Good luck! Too funny, I was going to ask about the dresser...then read the story behind it :-) I am still decluttering as we unpack. So much I have finally realized I don't want/need...and still trying to decide whether to Freecycle, Craigslist or Goodwill!

  2. We actually found that dresser on the curb many years ago. It was a sorry looking thing with lots of scratches, stains and chips but I knew I could give it a new life, so we took it. I fixed the scratches and chips with wood putty, then sanded the whole thing and painted it. We used it in our bedroom for a while, then repainted it turquoise and orange for our daughter's nursery, which had a Finding Nemo theme. When she outgrew the Nemo theme and decided she wanted a Fairies themed room,I repainted it green and purple. I didn't think we'd get anything for it but to my amazement people really liked it. I think the woman, who took it, gave us $20 for it.

  3. wow, that is a lot of great stuff! I can't believe you gave it away!
    The house is so sweet. Good luck selling it.

  4. Oh, no! Not the tailor's ham! At least, that's what I think it is ... ;) And man, I would have taken some of that stuff off your hands and saved you the agony of watching the lions of Craigslist tear each other apart. Ha. Yeah.

  5. Yeah, the sewing ham had to go. I had had it for years and wasn't using it. And it was heavy, which is an important consideration when you are getting ready to move overseas. Wish I had thought of giving it to you before we left St. Pete. You would have put it to good use.


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