Friday, October 26, 2012

Best Guacamole Recipe Ever

Do you guys like guac?

Yeah, me too.

I love it actually but it was not a love at first sight because let’s face it, guacamole is weird looking. I had seen it around but I just couldn’t get myself to try it. I mean it’s green and it looks like it came from another planet or something. The first time I tried it, I must have had some really mediocre guacamole because I was not impressed. Then years later I gave it another chance and this time it was knock-your-socks-off good. I was in love and I decided I had to figure out how to make it. So I went on a quest to find the best guac recipe. For a couple of months I made guac all the time and Paul was getting really tired of it because most of it wasn’t very good. I thought you had to have a secret ingredient or something special to make it really good. In the end what I found was that with guac - as with many of other things in life - less is more.

Here’s the best guacamole recipe, in my humble opinion. It’s beautifully simple. I found it a couple of years ago in Costco’s monthly magazine. Try it – you’ll like it!

Best Guacamole recipe ever

I made it again last night and it was delicious! It was not as chunky as the picture in the recipe because my tomatoes were quite juicy and I put more lime juice than the recipe calls for but it tasted great nonetheless. I also don’t like cilantro (crazy, I know), so I just skip it.



  1. Guacamole is YUMMY! This past weekend I needed to make some to take to a dinner party and the host was allergic to cilantro. First time I ever made it without, and as a cilantro lover I had my doubts, but it came out delicious!

    When in Sri Lanka we made guacamole for our host families. They had all the ingredients and with pappadams we thought we had a natural hit to introduce to them. They refused to eat avocados in a curry as they saw it only as a fruit. In fact, they called it 'butter fruit', and the proper way to eat it was blended into a drink with extra sugar. I tried that once, but couldn't get over the drinking, slimy, sweetness. It's definitely better as a 'curry'.

    I am wondering if they have avocados in India and how they prefer to prepare them.

    1. That's so interesting! Avocados are hard to find in India. I've seen them but they are expensive. And I bet they are from Sri Lanka. They are different from the ones you see in the US. I am not aware of Indian recipes that use them. Maybe South Indian? But putting them in curry sounds like a great idea!


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