Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, Sandy!

As if preparing to move overseas is not complicated enough, now I have a major storm to worry about. Just when I thought I had everything where I needed it with my prep. I had a two-day mandatory class scheduled for today and tomorrow, pack out on Wednesday afternoon and I heard that my Indian visa was ready, so I was going to get a cab and go over to the Indian Embassy during my lunch break today to pick it up. My mother’s return ticket was originally for 10/25 but I was able to reschedule her (after paying a hefty fee, of course) to fly back to Bulgaria this Friday (11/2). I too had a reservation to leave on 11/2. Perfect, no? Too perfect perhaps…

Enter Sandy and things are all over the place again. Today the Federal Government in the DC area is closed, which means FSI is closed, which means I can’t take my mandatory class. The Indian Embassy is also closed, so I can’t pick up my visa. The packers are saying they are still coming on Wednesday as of right now, so I have at least that going.

U.S. Threat Index

What happens now? We’ll have to see. I tried contacting the powers that be on Friday asking that very question but haven’t heard back. I suppose they could move my mandatory class to Tuesday and Wednesday, which wouldn’t be perfect because I have my pack out on Wednesday. Maybe I could reschedule that to Thursday and still be able to pick up my visa and leave Friday. Or maybe the mandatory class can be waived under the circumstances, though I am not holding my breath on that one. Or they could make me stay a few days and take the next installment of the mandatory class next Monday and Tuesday, which would be problematic because my Mom would be gone by then and I have no one else to watch Max while I take the class.

So, yeah, lots of moving pieces… I just have to remember to breathe and hope things will work out somehow…

Update: As soon as I hit “Publish” I saw that the Federal Government in DC is closed tomorrow (Tuesday) as well, which puts me in a real pickle because it makes leaving on Friday highly unlikely unless the powers that be waive the mandatory class for me. Otherwise, I will have to figure out where to put Max next Monday and Tuesday, so I can take the class. Oh, Sandy!


  1. Oh my! It certainly is a crazy convergence of events - especially for you. I wish you the best of luck. Some day, when you're safe and settled at post, this will all be a good story to tell. :)

  2. Don't worry about the class--its common sesnse stuff anyway. You can take it next time you are in DC, or online even.


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