Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

We had a split Halloween this year. Half of us celebrated here in the US and the rest – in India. It was a little sad to be so far away from Her Cuteness (who is quickly turning into Her Attitude these days) and my husband on Halloween. It was just not the same without them but we did try. Chutney was a pirate. He didn’t love the costume, especially the hat. I barely got him to tolerate it long enough to snap a couple of pictures.


He also did not understand the Trick or Treating thing. We went Trick or Treating in our apartment building where the people who wanted to participate had signed up and we had a list of apartments handing out candy. Max wanted to go in and hang out at every apartment that we went to. I had to chase him and get him out every time. He didn’t like the idea of putting his candy in a bag. He would also take candy from one candy dish and deposit it in the candy dish of the next people on our list. He was very confused. I tried to explain/demonstrate but I must have done a poor job because he was having none of it. Finally, I decided to just go home and hand out candy instead. But then he’d go out with me every time the doorbell rang, get candy with the rest of the kids, wave good-bye and start heading to the elevators. So I had to chase him and bring him back a bunch of times. Fun times! I think he really needs his sister to show him the Halloween ropes next year.

In other news, I got my Indian visa early and had my pack out yesterday. I tried to but could not get a waiver for my mandatory class, so I have to take it early next week. No biggie, right? Except my in-home daycare provider (aka my Mom) is going back to Bulgaria tomorrow and I couldn’t reschedule her flight without paying another hefty penalty fee, so I had no one to watch Chutney when I am in class next week. Fortunately, I was able to get him in as a drop-in child at the FSI Daycare just for those two days, so we are in good shape. I was also able to get tickets to go back to India for the day after my class is done, so I should be in Delhi, happily jetlagged, by next Friday. Luckily, next weekend is a four-day weekend for the US Embassy because of Diwali, India’s Festival of Lights.

Needless to say, we can’t wait! Is it next Friday yet?

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  1. Ahh he is so cute and I love love love the image of him taking candy from one house and giving it to the next! So sorry you are having so much trouble getting here! Can't wait to have you back (though we will be in Bangkok when you arrive!) Have a good last week in the US!


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