Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Days in Florida

After our stuff was packed and shipped out to Virginia on 3/17, we spent two days in Orlando with our Macedonian friends Tankica and Kase and their two girls Snezana and Elena. This was a special visit for several reasons: it was Snezana’s seventh birthday and Snezana and Elena are Nia’s best buds; we wanted to see Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog; we couldn’t let our Disney Season Passes go to waste, so we had to visit one more time before we moved.

We spent the first day (3/18) at Magic Kingdom. It was quite chilly by Florida standards but we had fun despite the weather. We got to meet Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen and saw several shows – one about the US Presidents, a Pirates of the Caribbean one and the Magic Kingdom Disney Character show. We also saw a daytime and a nighttime parade. I really wanted to see the fireworks but they were at 10 p.m. and everyone was so dead tired by 9 p.m. that we had to give up on the idea and head for the hotel. The next day (3/18) we went to Epcot where we did some Kim Possible exploring, went on the Soaring ride and the kids and boys went on Mission to Mars. We also watched a show about the Holy Grail, which Nia found hilarious. Around 7 p.m. we headed back home to St. Pete.

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Saturday (3/20) was a delightful day but we didn’t know it because we spent it inside cleaning the house, making sure it looks its best to buyers and packing the stuff that we were going to move ourselves in the two cars.

Sunday morning we loaded the kid and the cats in the cars and hit the road. As soon as we left Tampa it started raining cats, dogs and other things and it didn’t stop until we reached the Florida/Georgia border. It felt like we had our own personal storm cloud travelling right above us the whole time. And let me tell you, driving in the rain is not like dancing in the rain. It was miserable – it rained so hard at times that I couldn’t see the lanes or the car in front of me. It’s a small miracle that we made it out OK. Thankfully, both the kid and the cats were on their best behavior, so we didn’t have to worry about them. Georgia was kinder to us weather-wise and we crossed it in no time. We entered South Carolina in the afternoon and spent the night in a lovely Best Western in Florence, South Carolina.

Monday morning we ate a quick breakfast and started on the road again. The drive wasn’t bad and after 7 hours, we made it to Mount Vernon, Virginia, which is where Paul’s brother, Greg lives. We were glad to get out of the cars as our bums hurt from the two-day drive.

We had a nice dinner with Greg and his family and called it a night.

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