Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pack... Load... Go!

Thank goodness for pros!

I gotta give our packers/movers credit because if it weren't for them, we'd be doing it for days. These guys don't mess around. There were three of them. They came, they saw, they packed. They were the epitome of efficiency. Almost to a fault. Well, it was our fault really because we blinked ...and poof ... everything was packed and I mean everything, including a few items we needed out but didn't specifically mention, like a few spoons, forks and cups to use for dinner and breakfast. I found myself refilling my empty Coke can with water in the evening. 'Cause there's only so much Coke a gal can drink in a day, although the nice people at Coke headquarters in Atlanta may disagree. 

I hope I don't jinx us by praising the guys because I wouldn't want anything to get broken or lost but they were impressive. When they got here in the morning, the house was a mayhem. This is what it looked like circa 3 p.m.

Not too shabby, eh! They are coming back tomorrow to load it all on the truck and get it on the road.


  1. I feel sad and excited to read this. Sad that we won't see you, excited for your journey of a lifetime! Best of luck to you! I am so happy to have come across you in my lifetime. You and your family and amazing and beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Natasha! We can see each other again - we will be back to the US every couple of years or so and you are welcome visit us in DC before we move overseas or at post later on.


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